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Confused or Wayang?

A noble speech by an ex-military general after his first constitutional walk about since the general election (so what was he doing since June 2011??):


Once upon a time, Mr Lee Kuan Yew said ministerial pay needs to be increased in order to curb corruption and also attract talents. So what he means is pay is an important factor. Fine, that sounds like an acceptable reason given the political landscape among the ASEAN countries in the 1960s. Mr Goh Chok Tong followed up by saying that if we pay peanuts, we’ll get monkeys. Reaffirmation of the importance of the pay factor but not very convincing nowadays given the negative issues of foreigners, housing and transportation even after paying top dollar to the so-called talents for so many decades.

In recent times Ms Not-so-Graceful said money is not her primary concern when she decided to enter politics and yet paradoxically mention about the ‘possible deterioration’ of her standard of living. If you are not concern, why even mention it? I can never understand why would someone talk about an issue that they said they are not concern about. And now, we have this ex-general propagating that pay is not a factor at all for his fellow colleagues and himself. Going by the logic of Mr Lee and Mr Goh, Ms Grace Fu and Mr Chan Chun Sing must be offered top dollar in order to attract them to join politics. Yet going by Ms Grace Fu and Mr Chan’s defense, it seems that pay is not an important factor after all. So the question is, do we still need to pay top dollar to attract talents to serve the country?

If pay is an important factor to attract talents, then there is nothing altruistic about the reason Ms Grace and Mr Chan joined politics. But if pay is not an important factor, why do we even need to offer such a high salary? You can’t say pay is not an important factor for yourself to join politics and yet said that pay is important to attract talents to join politics. It is such an oxymoron.

PAP is such a confused group of politicians. Either that, or it’s all wayang.

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