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Let’s welcome our rise to the the Swiss standard of living (cost component only)


Let’s congratulate ourselves for surpassing Hong Kong, where transportation is actually cheaper. Even my Hong Kong colleagues were complaining that Singapore cost of living is getting out of hand. Meanwhile, my other non-local colleagues were commenting how crowded Singapore is compared to just a few years ago. Even the foreigners were feeling the heat.

In the meantime, a little illustration on the historical price trend of crude oil (which affects diesel, the all important factor Comfort gave in increasing the cab fares drastically) I mentioned in my last post:

We see a gradual increase in oil price but it’s nowhere near the range back in 2008 or even the first half of this year. And trying to act all altruistic, ComfortDelgro simply conveniently pass on the responsibility of increasing taxi drivers’ salary to the consumers while contributing no part of their own.

Jump to another topic: while I have no comments on the largely ‘behind-the-scenes’ ex-president, this article makes me laugh:


I never realize one needs to be a genius to be ‘educated to understand the role of a president in Singapore’.  The funniest sentence reads, “…Nathan said that the role of Singapore’s president cannot be defined easily or clearly, and it would “take another generation at least” to educate Singaporeans about it.”


“A lot of people think the president can do what he likes,” he said. “How to educate them? I don’t think you can.”

Wow. I was flabbergasted. What kind of job is it that cannot be defined easily or clearly? The role of a president cannot be educated to the general public within a generation! At the same time, Nathan is insinuating that he is just a puppet incapable of doing anything politically.

And the next joke is, paradoxically, the article continues to read:

The former president said it is knowledgeable people, rather than Singaporeans in the heartlands, who are questioning his previous role.

“The people in the heartlands, even though many are not very well educated, they see it as a symbol that is distinct from the government. But knowledgeable people seem to think you can do what you like,” he noted.

So basically ‘knowledgeable people’ cannot be ‘educated’ about the role of a president in Singapore. What a total oxymoron. What Nathan actually wanted to say is uneducated people is easier to be brainwashed and controlled compared to a more educated and liberal population. I believe this largely reflects the general view of the ruling party (you don’t need a genius to guess why).

The PAP will change say Lee Hsien Loong? I give them a million years to even start acting on it.

  1. Shackman
    December 7, 2011 at 3:07 am

    I deem that man knows he will be remembered as a puppet president in the annals of local history, hence he now grasp at straws to justify himself as otherwise …

    Pathetic really ….

  2. Expensive Prata
    December 7, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    When I saw the news in Yahoo. I have difficulty dissecting what Nathan was trying to say. Every words came out contradicted another word that follows, brilliant and sadly speaking he was “crowned” by NTU. Double Irony. I am still left clueless by him. However one message is certain, he didn’t know what he was talking, just like he said “Why Am I here”. He didn’t know anything at all. $4.8 million is enough to shut him and his brain out.

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