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Just a little joke

I haven’t commented on the week long parliamentary sitting but obviously there are a lot of postings by other bloggers already. Most notably the speech by WP’s Chen Show Mao and the ridiculous nitpicking by PAP’s backbenchers (some of whom I never knew exist) that is totally out of point.

Anyway, given such a nice Saturday morning, I thought it’s nice to share a little news that makes me laugh out loud:
SMRT, SBS Transit fined for service quality breaches

SINGAPORE: Bus operators SMRT and SBS Transit have been fined by the Public Transport Council (PTC) for service quality breaches.

For the six-month period from 1 December 2010 to 31 May 2011, both operators had instances of failing to depart from bus interchanges on time, and also exceeding the maximum passenger load.

SBS Transit was fined S$700, and SMRT S$300.

Chairman of the Public Transport Council, Gerard Ee, said: “Although the operators have generally been able to meet the Quality of Service standards set for basic bus services, the latest performance results indicate that they face some challenges in continuing to deliver service quality as public transport ridership increases.”

To address this problem, Mr Ee noted that the operators are investing in more new buses and recruiting more drivers.

The Land Transport Authority is also currently reviewing the bus service levels to address issues of crowdedness, frequency and reliability.


Yes, you read it correctly. $700 and $300 for a 6 month breach of service. To put it in perspective, as a snide to what Lee Kwan Yew used to say, one can easily get fined $5000 for drinking and eating on the MRT trains.

The Public Transport Council is a total joke, waste of tax payer’s money, and an insult to Singaporeans.

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