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Uncle Tony will be Singapore’s next President

As expected, George Yeo gave way for Uncle Tony in the running for President and Nathan is sick of being an old puppet. I don’t know about you but I honestly think that if George Yeo is to run, his chance of winning is higher than Uncle Tony. George Yeo is well liked and he had earned sympathy points during the last GE. Uncle Tony, on the other hand, is only known as one of the silver hair old guards, highly loyal and strategically placed in SPH (which is supposedly the ‘national security and media control’ in disguise), rarely seen in the spotlight.

How many of you actually believe that Uncle Tony will be impartial? While the PAP insist that they have yet to endorse any candidate and Tony Tan is running as an independent candidate, the recent waves of praise from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long, various MPs (many whom I have never heard of their names anyway) and tonnes of ‘advertisements’ from the local media is nothing short of an official endorsement by the PAP government. Uncle Tony is PAP’s god-given. He is ONE OF THEM. Non-confrontational (since I reckon he is one of the old guards that formulate the current imperialistic system anyway) and a typical PAP leader.

All of us knows that the president of Singapore is nothing but a puppet figure. If the PAP is really keen on the idea that the President post is created to protect the country’s reserves, they should allow an independent figure, independent from PAP, to stand as President. What check is there on the PAP government if the president is one of their minions? You mean the check is only applicable to NON-PAP governments? In my opinion, the presidency is yet another scheme that should be discarded. What use is a puppet president with $3 million of tax payer’s money wasted and only appears to do charities, handshakes and parade around the stadium every national day celebration?

The idea that the next government might waste hard earned reserves by the previous government (referring to the PAP themselves) is to chastise voters as idiots who can’t make a rational choice of their preferred government. Why is only the PAP government allowed to play around with the reserves, wasting it on losses in investments and all profits never made their way back to the budget to assist Singaporeans???? The fact that the PAP is reluctant to disclose the reserves is not so much of a national security issue. It is more of a PAP-security issue as they do not want their ugly losses and wastage disclosed to the public. What a shame. This presidency episode is making me view the PAP with much more negativity.

  1. homemaker
    July 4, 2011 at 4:06 am

    George Yeo is well liked? Where did you get that from? Do you have any evidence to back up that statement? GY alienated many when he screwed up the Romanian diplomat fracas. He made plenty of enemies online. I hope he runs. That way, the forces within the Internet will just tell him to sit down before he falls down. I really hope he runs. As for whether he is nice or not has always been irrelevant. You don’t pay a man $3 million a year just to be nice. Well informed people pay out that sort of salaries to buy high performance.

    Maybe you should tweet GY and ask him abt the latest developments concerning the Romanian diplomat. Or whether the aggrieved party have been restituted. Go on I dare you. Then maybe you will reconsider what you have written abt GY.

    Anyone is better than GY.

    • July 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm

      Woo cool it, you have any past grievances with GY? Or are you related to the 3 poor men? I can’t give u hard evidence unless I can do up a census, so you’re asking for the impossible. Maybe you would like to give me evidence that he is hated much more than the ousted ministers?

      My sample size is simply the people around me and if they are any indication, they harbor less hatred towards GY as compared to MBT and the likes. Psychologically speaking, building and transport issues affect much more Singaporeans than a foreign diplomat killing 3 Singaporeans. Yes, it’s cold and cruel to say this, as it’s 3 precious sons of Singapore lost. But be realistic, the typical Singaporean down the street can relate more to their OWN housing and transport problems than 3 unknown lives lost. Unless you are telling me you weep everyday whenever you read through the obituaries on newspapers??

      Just to be fair to GY, it’s not a matter of simple justice regarding an issue that involve a foreign diplomat that escaped out of the country. Our laws only extend as fair as our territory. How the heck do you ‘bring justice’ to that Romania diplomat outside Singapore? Hire a hitman to Romania? Or you prefer to call a war (which is suicidal and totally madness if you ask me)? Your views are extremist at best.

  2. anon
    July 4, 2011 at 6:06 am

    The PAP ceased being a political party serving the needs of the people long long ago. It is now no more, no less, a self-serving corporation that purely looks after its own needs and dominance. The basic policy is them(citizens) and us (PAP).

    The only way out for people is to throw it out as it proves to be resistant to change or redemption. It is not in the nature for a dictatorship to change on its own accord. Dictatorships has to be changed – history is repleat with examples and case histories.

    • July 4, 2011 at 1:49 pm

      I hope to give the benefit of doubt that the PAP still wants to do good for the country, not matter if they are imperialistic governments or dictators. While I tend to criticize the PAP in this blog (as I have justified in my first post given the unbalanced bias in news reporting in local media), I do admit that it is never easy nor possible to please all parties with their policies. A good dictator can be at times better than a not so good democratic government. But power is addictive. Once you tasted power, somehow your views get warped and distorted. I got put off by their little tricks and schemes to retain power, although I have to say no political party tries not to hold on to power. The presidential ‘scheme’ is something I have a lot of views on as it really serves no purpose except to chain down the wallet for non-PAP governments. And all these smart people know that money is almost everything. No money no talk. Why else would you have LKY suing people with the aim of making them bankrupt? And I detest that kinda tricky with much disdain.

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