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Flash floods….AGAIN!

While I was too busy in recent times to update this blog (and also due to lack of ‘boomz’ news), God decided to test the ‘new anti-flood’ system the government had put in place.

The pictures are amazing, going by TR’s facebook page:

Wow, waterfall!!

Bukit Timah, the kid that loves to submerge in water

People are blaming the construction going on

So what happened to the 'anti-flood' barrier?? The Godzilla is a prank on this pic, lolz. But I love it.

Luckily for the ruling party, election is over. But the citizens will remember this episode. At least, it’ll remain in my blog as archive. I have no doubt this will once again appear on the front page of tomorrow’s paper. The Straits Times website (http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/Singapore/Story/STIStory_676435.html) innocuously show a less severe picture near the main headline although the picture insinuate flood occurring due to the nearby construction site.

Shops in Orchard are once again hit hard. I wonder whether Hermes and Wendy’s are affected again. Once upon a time, the PUB and PAP gave excuses that flash floods are rare occurrences that happened once every 50 years, and it doesn’t make any economical sense to undertake major alterations to the canal and road system to solve the problem. Well, obviously God doesn’t seem to agree. With global warming and ever changing climate across the entire world, the PAP has to rethink how to solve these problems as heavy rain becomes a norm rather than the exception. As a country deriving most of it’s GDP growth from the service industry, Orchard Road flooding is a huge dent on our economic competitiveness, especially with Singapore receiving rain throughout the year.

The ever-elitism mentality of the ruling party has once again clouted their decision backed with the usual ‘cost and benefit economic analysis’. Apparently the economists and statisticians don’t communicate with the meteorologists (from probably NEA?). In econometrics speech, it’s called omitted variable bias. I’m not surprise, such studies are usually conducted in the ivory towers of the government offices.

I look forward to what the new minister of Environment and Water Resources, Vivian Balakrishnan has to say. Mr Vivian seems to be cursed by water. First we have the dead maid in the water tanks and now we have flooding again. Probably after all that analysis and decision among the elites they’ll suggest longer, bigger barriers as a solution?

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