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Change within PAP needs change in PAP personnel mindset

I couldn’t help but take a jab at Ms Irene Ng from Tampines GRC. I guess it’s widely spread throughout TOC and Facebook but still:

Self-praise once again

When will the PAP elites ever got to recognize the fact that the citizens are not stupid and can easily see through such sour grapes expression on, of all places, Facebook which spreads like fire. Every sentence of that statement is insinuating something. This is not an observation as what she claimed. This is an expression of an opinion. She mentioned ‘If that had happened in a PAP branch, imagine the flak…’, which is a hypothetical statement. In which way is this an ‘observation’? There is also no ‘plain fact’ about citizens calling it a flak for a PAP branch that supposedly conduct the MPS late. Obviously, her statement is one of defensive and flawed, hoping the words ‘observation based on plain facts’ will pacify any emotional outburst. And obviously, she failed.

Either Ms Irene Ng failed her English after trying to communicate with residents in  their dialects or it’s simply a sinister way of painting a bad picture on the opposition party while dwelling in self-praise with ‘not having any rest (come on, you are paid $15,000 for this part time job. Give me that money and I’ll do it for you?)….not complaining…serve quietly (Gez,why the heck do you write this post then?)’. I’m not surprised at all how netizens blasted her baseless statement.

It has come to my attention that the ruling party loves to use to words ‘plain facts’ to justify whatever their doings are perfectly rational and logical. For those who are unable to verify these ‘plain facts’, the words created a distortion of truth. Take for example the recent announcement by the Department of Statistics that inflation rate is set to increase at a slower pace (a punny 0.5% slower) than last quarter.

Dear Singaporeans, please do not be taken in by these ‘official figures’ or ‘plain facts’ or whatever you wish to call it. As someone who is trained in statistics and econometrics and had dealings with DoS, I know the dangers of abusing statistical techniques and figures. DoS is famed (internally) to select the most politically favoring numbers to show their citizens. After my experience with them, I have little trust in their statistical figures (although admittedly the figures are not fabricated to the extend it is considered cheating the citizens). Do you know that the most favorable and ‘elegant’ number on GDP growth published is selected from a number of models? Yes, I am telling you this ‘hard truth’ that even ‘plain facts’ are not so plain after all. I am not defaming DoS. I am simply, in truth PAP fashion, stating an ‘observation based on plain facts.’

Can you imagine if every PAP MP is having the exact same mentality?? It shudders me….

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  1. George
    May 25, 2011 at 3:32 am

    Irene Ng was a Malaysian.

    She is eternally grateful to the PAP for allowing her into its folder and rewarded with a big fat monthly pay which will stand her family in extremely good stead when she ‘retires’ form his part time work as an ‘MP’. Therefore, every now and then she must do the ‘needful’ for the party which is also to remind the party that she is still around. Yes, her full time job as some ‘director’ in NTUC is parasitic at the expense of the poor Singaporean workers who pay union dues. She does sweet FA. The only occasion she did something was that one of introducing cyclists on pedestrian pathway! IMO, every pedestrian who gets knock down by a cyclist while walking on a pedestrian pathway should seek an ‘audience’ with her and show her the damage and injuries and if nec even sue her for originating the idea.

    These are the seat warmers and occupiers that the PAP fill parliament with in order to do whatever it likes to the country. you can see from her post how cocky she is! but I think she her bloodsucking leeching ways would catch up with her sooner or later.

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