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Radical shuffle of Cabinet

I have been pretty quiet on this issue as I have been giving this reshuffle some thoughts. The dismiss of Mah Bow Tan, Wong Kang Seng, and Raymond Lim seems a move to pacify public anger at best. At least this gives voters less excuses to be angry about the government for the next GE. However, changing people without a change in policy would only be cosmetic change. There is much to see whether the ruling party will justify their promise to change with actions.

What I am worried about is the set up of the new cabinet. For a conservative party like the PAP, it is a surprise to see new MPs taking up ministerial position. Heng Swee Keat, former MAS chief got a sudden promotion to a full minister of Education and ex-major general Chan Chun Sing jumped from a ex-general to Acting minister of MCYS. And in a move that suggest the lack of talent within PAP, we see Finance Minister Tharman taking on additional portfolios of Ministry of Manpower, Deputy Prime Minister and chairman of MAS! In addition to this impressive portfolio, Mr Tharman was selected as the candidate to lead the IMF (although he has to reject in order to stay in the government). I don’t know about you but I think that is simply too much power for one person. I don’t like the idea that one person is going to affect so much of the countries’ economic and labor policy no matter how capable one is.

Then we have Minister Ng taking over the Ministry of Defense. In my opinion, it makes sense for Minister Ng, who is a doctor, to head the ministry of health. But for a doctor to head a ministry of defense? I’m skeptical how this will turn out. How much does a doctor knows about military defense. Why is this portfolio taken away from Minister Teo who is an ex-general?

This reshuffle seems to be created at the very last minute with no thorough thought process, with PM Lee grabbing any one available to form his new cabinet and take over the much hated MBT, WKS and RL in addition to the resignation of MM Lee and SM Goh. And lastly, in truly PAP fashion, we see another new position created out of thin air – Emeritus Senior Minister for Goh Chok Tong. What the heck is a ESM? Emeritus is an academic title for God’s sake. It is truly laughable, the efforts PAP put in to honor their old guards and retain their influence within the political circle. Change you say? I am skeptical about it.

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