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Foreigners: When the number gets too many

Let’s take a look at a few voices from foreigners who are in Singapore or wants to come to work in Singapore:

From the Straits Times Letter Forum dated 13th May 2011:

 May 13, 2011

From feeling of home to an unwelcome presence in days

I HAVE been a Singapore permanent resident for eight years. My wife and I were married here, and my son who was born here speaks English with a Singaporean accent.

When his time comes, he will serve national service, like other Singapore-born teenagers.

We were so proud when we got tickets for the National Day Parade last year.

When we return to Singapore from our holidays, it is like returning home. Singapore has been a home for me and my family.

But nine days of the Singapore opposition party rallies have dissipated this feeling. I have been made to feel like a complete foreigner who should be deported immediately.

Suddenly, I feel an atmosphere of loathing towards my family and me although it may not be real.

The opposition seems to have targeted residents like me systematically and I feel like a scapegoat.

Juniarto Samsudin

From LinkedIn Singapore Careers:

How foreigners view post-GE sentiments on them

How foreigners think having an MBA (from some unknown uni) is king and they should rightfully be given a job in our country. Foreigners = overwhelming India Indians

Finding ways to bypass the loopholes of the flawed immigration policy

Foreigners overselling their capabilities: How does 2.5 yrs of HR experience equate to 'extensive'?

Circumventing the GE - the only time when the plight of too many foreigners are made known

Willingness to relocate becoz Singapore offers higher pay and better standard of living

And just when Singaporeans think they are treating foreigners too well....the foreigners are demanding even better treatment!

This idiotic India Indian cries out 'Crisis' for expats. Why the heck should the Singapore government be doing something for foreigners?? Such is the warp mentality when you welcome them too much!

From the website: http://www.transitioning.org/2010/03/12/are-the-singaporean-worker-a-born-loser-in-his-own-country/

How do you integrate foreigners when there's simply too many?? When the numbers get large, they congregate and don't bother to assimilate into local cultures.

Suddenly, Singaporeans became ingrates in their own country while all these foreigners who came in to reap the fruits of our nation building becomes national hero.

All the above examples show one thing. Singapore is a good place for foreigners. Especially those from developing countries such as China and India. The reasons are simply higher pay, better quality of living and pro-business. All these, made possible by years and years of nation building and sweat of Singaporeans, makes Singapore a very good place to work and live in. How many citizens from advanced economies such as Americans or Britons do you see migrating to Singapore? Not much.

Having being too open to foreigners have induced the ‘I am King’ mentality among many foreigners. I shall boldly refer to India Indians, China Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians and Filipinos as the five major groups that constitute the majority of foreigners coming into Singapore, not only working in lowly paid jobs such as construction or manufacturing but also in PMET positions (sought by Singaporeans) most notably in IT, Banking and Finance. While Malaysians and Indonesians have similar culture with Singapore, the reverse is true for the other 3 groups mentioned. It is true that foreigners had contributed to Singapore, but they too have benefited a lot from the country’s infrastructure and economic policy. Or else, why would they have come?

I think it’s time the Singapore government sit up and take note of the prevalent mentality among foreigners that it is their right to work in Singapore, and really scrutinize on whether they are talents worthy enough to be admitted to my country.

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