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Cooling Day (???)

I don’t know what is the actual reason for having a Cooling day. Apparently, all campaigning such as advertisements and solicitations are restricted for all election nomination parties on this day. However, the state media will still be allowed to promote ‘official’ news.

There is a post on Facebook about an angry and frustrated Straits Times reporter Zengkun Feng who is defending the impartiality and neutrality of the Straits Times. There are questions we need to ask. Why are there so many alternative voices online? Where are the supporters of the ruling party? Why aren’t they defending the party in doves like the supporters of opposition parties? Why are our media rated so low in the international ranking (in freedom of expression)? There has to be a reason. People don’t get frustrated or angry without any reason. People don’t listen to opposing views just because they are ‘foot-loose’, to quote a certain minister.

I will not go in length to rebut the article due to time constraint. All I can say is, all you have to do is to really read into the nuances of the carefully selected words and the meanings it is conveying. I’m sure Singaporeans are able to judge for themselves whether the Straits Times is indeed impartial.

Tomorrow will be a good gauge. Let’s look forward to see how neutral the local media is on Cooling day.

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