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PM Lee said sorry. Duh!

I guess all netizens should be very familiar with the news on how PM Lee apologized on national TV in the Central Business District for possible shortcomings the PAP had. It is very subtle but an apology nonetheless. However, I would not suggest reading too much into the statement. Recently, the ruling party had been dangling out another carrot of another kind. Sympathy.

Khaw Boon Wan spoke with great emotion under the pouring rain. George Yeo broadcast a touching and seemingly painful speech on his facebook and youtube which tactically made it’s round around new media. Then comes PM Lee’s apology. I’m not trying to discredit the ruling party. After all, I admit it did a good job, economically. But the recent outpouring of emotional overflow is unlike what the PAP used to do to get votes. It’s a whole new strategy persuading voters to overlook the past mistakes that the opposition parties had been hammering constantly throughout the entire election period.

Many Singaporeans are amazed at such actions by the ruling party. Some might seek to forgive. And some might even forget. But let’s not be fooled. The ruling party’s track record in listening to ground feedback has been insignificant at best. The apology seemed to be aimed at pacifying ground sentiments and an attempt to humble the image of PAP.

An except from the article reads:

[“No government is perfect… we will make mistakes. But when it happens we should acknowledge it, we should apologise, take responsibility, put things right. If we are to discipline somebody, we will do that, and we must learn from the lessons and never make the same mistake again,” said PM Lee.

Yet, he explained the difficulties in making decisions with incomplete information.

For instance, if the government knew there would be a sudden surge in demand for HDB flats in mid-2009 and that foreigners would have created such congestion on the roads, it would have ramped up plans for more flats and MRT lines.

“We’re sorry we didn’t get it exactly right, but I hope you will understand and bear with us because we are trying our best to fix the problems,” he said.

The government will build 22,000 flats this year and open one new MRT line every year for the next seven years.]

It is totally unbelievable on having incomplete information. Being such highly educated and highly paid elites, would you not know the simple logic of housing and infrastructure demands brought along by a higher population growth? Would you not know the social impact a large population of foreigners can cause? Who control the number of foreigners coming into Singapore? Who else but the government!!?? It’s naive to think that Singaporeans will buy this explanation, save for a few nut heads.

The building of 22,000 flats may sound like the government is finally listening to the citizens. But is 22,000 even enough? Opening new MRT line for the next 7 years are also already in the pipeline way before this election. Having more lines does not necessarily mean smoother transport and less congestion. The devil is in the detail–how it is planned, and how to divert traffic flow away from the city. You have witnessed for yourself  that even with the opening of the Northeast Line and the Circle Line, the trains and buses are still getting more and more congested.

MM Lee mentioned that we need to bring in another 900,000 next year, and that does not include E & S Pass foreign workers. Do you think starting an MRT line every year is enough? There’s only so much land in Singapore. While the PAP has been asking the opposition for a concrete plan for Singapore in this election, what is their concrete plan to stem all the current problems and to bring the country forward???

All these signs of desperation only goes to show the benefits of having more opposition in Parliament. Do not be overly worried about your estate being not as well taken of if the opposition is elected. Having more oppositions will mean a fairer government in fund distribution as more voices to demand equal treatment will compel the ruling party to play fair. Also, do no worry about a seemingly ‘incompetent’ opposition. Governing a country is a very different skill set. Having more degrees does not translate to being a better governor. Ronald Reagan was an actor before being elected as President of the United States. And he lead America through one of the greatest expansionary phase of the country.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, do not worry about policy continuation as the civil service will ensure the country remains operational. If leadership can’t connect with the ground, if highly educated ministers can’t fathom the simple logic of more people = more housing demands + crowded roads, do you think they are still capable leaders? Think again.

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