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Lee Kwan Yew’s past??

Here is a documentary on Youtube, free for all to see, to get a deeper understanding of the past. While I still have great respect for LKY for leading Singapore to today’s standing, I think it pays to know a different side of him. In depth:

Singaporeans are…or maybe, were, politically apathetic as the events of daily life such as school, work and friends took priority. After all, the government is taking good care of the citizens. In recent years, with the higher education received in the younger generations, the influence of the concept of democracy from the Western countries, and more importantly, the liberalization of communications through the birth of technology and the internet created awareness and a fluid network of free flow information that is impossible to control.

This video, while bias, also highlight the importance of freedom of speech. This is a concept some Singaporeans, including my close ones, have no awareness of. We think that JBJ is a mad man when he was advocating for free speech and promoting PAP’s authoritarianism at Raffles place when he was alive. We thought that he was simply a joke. This speaks volume of how brain washed we have become.

“What is the use of freedom of speech? I rather worry about money!” some Singaporeans might say. How important? Very important. It empowers you, emboldens you to ask questions, enable you to ask for ANSWERS. If the ruling party suppressed the freedom to express our thoughts, how do you think they are connected to the ground? And what are they afraid of answering? What hideous secrets do they not want the citizens to know? How sad it is, when you have grown to be blinded by money and grew ignorant of social awareness and life. How else can our society progress? If money is all you care about, you are simply, to quote the opposition’s words, an economic digit.

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