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SM Goh must be senile

The Today paper reported (and again my comments in red):

SINGAPORE – Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, 69, says he is confident of strong support from elderly residents in Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC).

But he says he can’t say the same when it comes to the younger population.

Speaking at a walkabout in MacPherson this morning, he says he is unable to get a feel of what they think.

He said: “The thinking of the younger ones, they are not at home even during house-to-house visits, which I have done. In Marine Parade, most of them are not at home. So for them, their thinking I’m not too sure. That group they are open, they assess the candidates and their policies before they decide, and they probably will decide at the last minute.”

Is this an open admittance that the PAP is losing touch with the ground? I don’t really think it’s advisable to be saying such things during an election campaign….

Mr Goh says he wants to let them know that their votes are important as it involves their future.

He adds: “Don’t just go on the basis of what you hear over the elections. The day after elections what will happen? Who will look after the estate?

“Don’t talk about national issues, just talk about the estate. So, for Marine Parade, on 8 May, who is going to attend to the problem of the old folks, the livelihood issues, the jobs and so on. you see.

Don’t talk about national issues? Is this an attempt to divert attention? We are electing a government for God’s sake! How can we not talk about national issues instead of something as insignificant as giving your HDB a new coat of paint!??? Oh my oh my, voters, read into SM Goh’s language. Obviously he don’t want to go further into the national policies and governance….speaks volume about how ‘capable’ this group of elites actually are….
“The young think it is not their problem, it is government’s problem. That is wrong. It is their problem because it is their parents.”

So the government is never going to have a problem? What on earth is now the youth’s and their parents’ problem? If there’s a problem for the people, there is a much bigger problem for the government! Why else do we need a government? Why else are we paying millions for their salaries?

Mr Goh’s team includes the youngest People’s Action Party candidate, Ms Tin Pei Ling, 27, and is facing a contest from the National Solidarity Party (NSP).

And on the whole Mr Goh says he is still “quite comfortable” about the ground sentiments in the GRC.

He says one reason is because he feels that the NSP has not been very active on the ground.

On a question about the good online support the NSP has been receiving, Mr Goh says he is not that too concerned as all the support is for one person.

Some netizens have described the NSP as the “Nicole Seah Party”.

But Mr Goh said: “My sense is that it is a “No Substance Party”.

“They have just one attraction, the rest are just being carried along. So, am I worried? If the people in Marine Parade GRC vote for that team and I’m out, I think Singapore will be in deep trouble, as simple as that.”

So after sprouting out so much nonsense and rubbish and whatever nots, our dear SM went to discredit the opposition using a childish analogy…oh my, it’s giving me a real headache reading through all these….

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