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Why PAP wants Opposition to offer better ideas

Some of my friends also said that if the opposition parties have nothing to offer, then they have no qualification to query the ruling party’s policy.

To me, it’s simply game theory. Will you tell your opposing party your solution before you take the test? After all, it’s the ruling party that is paid millions to offer policy solutions. Why would you offer your solution to them for free? I understand some might call it selfish. But let’s face it, it’s a political struggle for every election. Given the poor records of how PAP puts down the opposition (can simply google. There are so many examples online I don’t have to list it out), it is very likely the ruling party will give themselves credit after adopting solutions offered by the opposition party.

Call it bias, I am quoting an article by the Singapore Democratic Party’s website: Click here.

SDP’s Tan Jee Say, who had extensive experience in the civil service, is easily more experienced in policy modeling than all that ex-generals, 7-year grassroot leader who had husband whose current job is Mr Tan’s previous job, new citizen doctors and banking directors the PAP had pushed out in this election.

Do you think that the PAP is still the only capable ones around? Think again.

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