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New Media: Old media, stop being PAP’s dog

Sometimes I really wish to ask those journalists in our third world media. What happened to your passion in being a journalist in the first place? What happened to all that fervor to dig our objective and unbias news? What happened to all those dreams you have in being a non-partisan reporter?

The latest attack against old media is currently unraveling in our new social media – TOC, TR and Facebook (and I guess many more blogs). For reporting negative and untrue reports of SDP’s Dr Chee, witness of the entire rally is now roasting The Newpaper’s Bryna Sim’s facebook account for the fabricated news. She stays in JURONG GRC.

Bryna Sim Facebook

Then we see all the bashings:

Bryan Sim Facebook bashing

I am expecting the facebook wall to be privatized and negative comments deleted soon. Old media, it’s time you wake up or else all integrity and ethics you stand for is now lost. Do not underestimate the power of new media.

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