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A Doctor don’t understand the meaning of Minimum wage

A minimum wage policy does not seek to raise real income across the entire industry. It does not seek to increase cost across all companies. Companies in high-valued industries of a knowledge-based economy should have already paid above the minimum wage. It is a confusing ploy to illustrate how jobs will be lost if minimum wage is introduced.

Minimum wage is only introduced to help the LOWEST wage income earners. Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, as a highly educated minister earning millions, I would expect you to know this very basic mechanism of a minimum wage policy.

In addition, the opposition are also not advocating for a complete shut down in foreigners. They are not promoting populist agendas. It is popular because it is a FACT that there are simply too much foreigners in Singapore. It is ground FEEDBACK! When will PAP ever learn to listen? They are calling out to slow down this influx. They are calling a stop to introduce a ridiculous further 1 million foreigners to our economy when our infrastructure is already under strain and Singaporeans making up less than 70% of the population.

Relying on foreign labor is only kowtowing to foreign enterprises. It creates no pressure to improve productivity. According to Wikipedia (quoted with supporting documents), an extensive UK study reveals that there is no evidence of job loss with the introduction of minimum wage. For the PDF format of the report, click here.

Does the PAP wants to create a scenario where an overwhelming population of foreigners only create more demands with increased bargaining power on their part at Singaporeans’ expense? Mexico allows foreigners from the United States into their territory at current day California by leasing out land to them. Soon after, these foreigners demand that the territory of the Mexicans became the United States’s. Do you want this to happen?

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