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The the drum rolls–Hougang Rally 2011!

The picture says it all:

WP Hougang Rally 28th April 2011

For more pictures, refer to this link, which shows the pictures of the rally of WP, and some other party (including the MIW of course): http://darrensoh.com/elections/

Such is the massive turnout at the rally of the most successful opposition party in Singapore to date. Turnout was also impressive at other opposition parties’ rally. On the other hand, attendance is pathetic at the rally of the ruling party. What is more important, however, is whether the mass turnout will translate into votes. Support for the opposition is ‘cool’. It’s more interesting to hear what the opposition has to say than listen to the boring incumbents. Everyone loves a dark horse. But ultimately, what matters more is who you would cast your vote to.

There is still a very large part of Singaporeans who are either politically apathetic, or are happy with the way the policies have turn out. Increasing housing prices might be a major issue for this election, but professions such as property agents and well-heeled citizens who are profiting and benefiting from the economy’s rise will no doubt continue their support for the ruling party. The burgeoning Gini coefficient suggest the polarizing of the country as a group of the nation could ride on the economic growth while a rather significant group is being left out in the cold. While there is much hype about this years GE, I am skeptical on whether Singaporeans will push for a change in our political history.

What is clear though, is the ruling party is incapable of rousing feverish support from the people, unlike what it used to be back in the 70s and 80s. Supporters for the opposition camp are generally more outspoken, more passionate and more gunho than the conventionalist and traditionalist. This might be due to the long oppression of an alternative voice yearning to be heard.

The advancement of technology, the explosive growth of the internet, and the birth of new social media is leveling the ground for an equal playing field. The PAP’s control of the old media would only irk the increasingly educated and IT savvy population. Why else would there be so many alternative voices shouting and blasting in the online world? To date, the PAP has prove to be a poor user of social media while the opposition camps have been using social media to their favor. The ruling party should realize that attempts to monopolize information in this era of technology and internet is fruitless and will only render them distrust and distancing from the citizens.

Tomorrow’s Workers’ Party rally at Serangoon will be the one to attend. I will, won’t you?

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