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PAP’s Latest Despicable Means: Banning Temasek Review

I am very angry. Because despite knowing that all political parties will try to discredit opposing parties, what is being done is a total disappointment and extremely distasteful. In total North-Korea & China fashion, the dictatorship of PAP banned the alternative voice of Temasek Review. Why did I know it’s banned? Because I am IT savvy enough to go around this little filter using some online resources (yes, online and it’s FREE).

YES, PAP, if you are reading this blog, I’m sorry to disappoint you to let you know that I still have full access to Temasek Review. And your dirty tricks don’t go well with me. I will let you know the power of new media by spreading the word faster than you think you can handle. I do plan to repost all the articles on various blogs online and facebook groups when my time frees up.

Temasek Review will temporarily repost their articles on this blog address: http://singaporege2011.wordpress.com/

Please help to spread the word.

When will the PAP ever learn? Such hard tactics does not go well with the younger and IT savvy population who forms more than 1/4 of the voters. It is totally despicable, foul play and downright hypocritical. It only wants to hear it’s own voice. It’s hypocritical because Lee Kwan Yew himself said that they do not control the internet!


Do you want this dictatorship to rule your life for the next 5 years?

One thing is clear. Such desperate measures only goes to show how much the PAP needs to hide away from public eye. It shows that the PAP cannot stand up to scrutinize, that it CANNOT ANSWER the many questions we had, and it is CORRUPT, ABUSING power and mandate it has since independence.

That is one reason I have decided to write on a blog instead of setting up a website. When the ruling government doesn’t play fair, there’s no need to retaliate with fair play. Shut down my blog and I’ll set up more. Shut down wordpress and I’ll post on blogspot. Shut down blogspot and I’ll post on other blog servers. Shut down all blogs and I’ll post on facebook. Now, how about trying to shut down facebook?

P.S. In this era of new media, any attempts to control news will only result in a backlash. Gone are the little respect I have left for the PAP government. If someone is to ask me what pushed me off the edge, it would be today’s ban of an alternative voice. Because it obviously shows unwillingness to listen to anything that differs from the PAP’s own agenda. I don’t care how capable you are. If you can’t even take in criticism and play dirty, you are out. Does the PAP ever reflect why is there a growing number of voices in the virtual blogosphere? Take a look at any articles posted on official websites and then look at the comments. The comments speak for themselves.

  1. johnlaikp
    August 6, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    Hi, why is below link also blocked ?
    “/D/2047/68479/000/origin.www.facebook.com/pages/PRC-Please-Return-to-China/195293757189344” .

    same as “PAP’s Latest Despicable Means: Banning Temasek Review”

    How to go to this facebook site again ?

  2. Jeff
    August 24, 2011 at 3:20 am

    The Aljunied incident (PA rented the common space) show how arrogance the CCC, ruling party, and PA runners are. Damn them – they are insulting the voters intelligence.
    Come 27th , this Saturday pls vote wisely to let the common people voice be heard, it’s time for Changes !

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