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Tin Pei Ling: Her nonexistent credibility

Look: video on razortv

Before you dive into my analysis, maybe you might want to read this first.

This video looks so fake and rehearsed. Can you actually sense any sincerity? We humans can sense sincerity. Words have little impact if they are not meant to be. Here we have a speech carefully crafted by image consultants or public relations specialists. The signs are obvious. Evoking her father’s heart attack history and she taking over the coffee shop is to gain:

1)    Sympathy points; it might be crude, but which family doesn’t have something happening to their family members? My father had some illness and my grandma has dementia.

2)    Some signaling that she is responsible and can take on ‘great’ tasks; although managing a little shop and a constituent is vastly different).

3)    To signal that she is one of the ‘heartlander’ and completely understands the citizens

To be fair to her,  I am not going to write over here seemingly damaging (damning even) and bias views of what her past course mates back in NUS & USP has said. I don’t want to be accused of defamation.

The point is, this is not what we as the citizens want to know. We want to see credibility. Ms Tin had been bashed online not because we are sexist, nor is it because we are opposing for the sake of opposing the ruling party. We are smarter and wiser than that, although the ruling elites seem to think they know better than the rest of the world. On being sexist, I don’t see Singaporeans bashing Sylvia Lim or Lee Bee Hwa when they first came into politics. So where’s the sexism?

We just don’t see how she is credible. Trust us citizens when we say age is not a big factor as long as some credentials are shown. Ms Tin is not the usual elite PAP is so fond of getting their candidates. That is already different. Looking at her occupation background, it’s nothing exceptional too.

Serving 7 years as grassroot? What does that mean? My friends had contributed 8-10 years as grassroot but why aren’t they standing for election? Then we come to the point on how unsavvy she is in answering questions, basic things that should be expected from a potential MP. How then can you blame the netizens from suspecting favoritism in play after it is disclosed that her husband is 13 years older and is the private secretary to the PM? With such ‘signals’ lacking, can the PAP justify why they picked her as a candidate? Can she stand on her own if she is to compete in a SMC?

The sentiments from the ground are obvious. PAP supporters are frustrated. Anti-PAP advocators are disgusted at the notion that Ms Tin will be swept into parliament even though she is unprepared and unqualified, earning $15,000 a month understudying another PAP member and does not add much value to the nation. At the same time, obviously much more capable opposition candidates such as Chen Shao Mao will be denied a chance to contribute. Yet, all the PAP leadership did is to ask Ms Tin to ‘ignore the noise’. These are not ‘noise’! These are ground sentiments! These are what the citizens feel! How else can you show that you connect to the citizens and are understanding? Nor did the party made any attempts to justify to the public why Ms Tin was chosen to stand for election.

However, I do admire her for her courage, the courage to stand in front of everyone and be scrutinized. Maybe the $15,000 monthly allowance or the equivalent of S$0.9 million in guaranteed cash over the 5 electoral years is worth it all? Singapore could be paying a high price for a Sarah Palin but what fun is it in politics if not for a clown or two?

Her bashing is, ironically, the making of the PAP’s own policy in rewarding the leaders obscene amount of money. In the PAP’s viewpoint, there is no such thing as loyalty. Loyalty can be bought with money. Talent can be bought with money. Heck, even enemies can be bought with money. So with such a high salary comes ultra high expectation. And this expectation is made worse by the claim that PAP is the best team to lead the country, where each and every minister is worth more than 3-4 U.S. President. Going by that yardstick, we don’t expect a Ms Tin. If she can be a MP, anyone can be one.


  • The PAP once again shows that they DO NOT CONNECT with the citizens
  • The PAP once again shows their arrogance as they can shove in any tom, dick and harry into parliament as long as they like it this way
  • By not attempting to explain Ms Tin’s credentials, the party shows the disrespect for the citizens and Ms Tin as well (it’s as if there’s nothing they can help on her credentials)
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  1. Tan hock Hin
    December 29, 2012 at 1:51 am

    Vote Singapore Opposition Party

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