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(Poor) Attempt to address Disconnection

Our lovely 3rd world media reported:

Souce: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1123355/1/.html

SINGAPORE : Seven of the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) 24 new candidates also took to the stage at the Young PAP’s 25th anniversary celebrations on Sunday, with speeches that covered a wide range of themes.

Former Chief of Army, Chan Chun Sing, kicked off his speech with an informal poll, asking: “Who thinks that Singapore would be around for five more years? Raise your hands!”

But he had a serious message.

Digging deep into history, he spoke about the challenges faced by small states, concluding that many failed as they did not have the right leadership.

He said: “Our response to all those calling for us to buy insurance is this – do not buy the wrong insurance!”

Another candidate, Desmond Choo, spoke about working the ground as second advisor to grassroots organisations in opposition-held Hougang, where the Teochew dialect is widely spoken.

He recalled an incident where, at a coffee-shop, he was teased when he could not sing in the dialect.

Mr Choo said: “Then one ah-ma told me, ‘Young man, it is okay if your Teochew is not fluent or that you are inexperienced. It is more important that you can listen and understand us from your heart.’

“My knowledge of Teochew can start a conversation. But it would be my empathy and compassion that will allow people to entrust me with their issues.”

Mr Choo explained how, in a month, he set up a mobile clinic and transport subsidy scheme.

He said that these have helped win over some residents, and cited an encounter with a resident.

He said: “(The resident) said, ‘Do you know I am a Workers’ Party supporter?’ I said yes. ‘But you have made it now very difficult for me to vote against you, and vote automatically for the Workers’ Party’. To me, that is progress.”

Mr Choo continued: “He told me that he could see that we have been working hard to bring changes to Hougang. And he told me he did not benefit one ounce from the schemes I put into Hougang, but he could see the progress in his community.

“His words gave us the will to continue the good fight. We must last through the tough times and be there for our people.”

PAP’s youngest candidate, 27-year-old Tin Pei Ling, addressed public concern over her youth.

She said: “When my candidacy was announced, I faced a storm of online criticism. I have learnt to take it in my stride. I take the valid criticism seriously and humbly. I am young, I am a youth. But I can empathise with, and understand the pressures that Singaporeans face.”

Ms Tin went on to speak about leaving university for six months to help run the family coffeeshop when her father fell ill. “I may be all of 27, but I know what it is like to worry about the family, keeping the family together,” she said.

Other speakers touched on their experiences in policymaking, and the need to engage young citizens better.

– CNA/ms

There is this very famous quote: Talk is cheap.

I find it funny they address among themselves as ‘comrades’. This is the first disconnect. I can’t find a more communist word than this. Comrade and the little Red Book go hand in hand. Thinking back, actually we Singaporeans do have a little red book. We use it whenever we need to travel overseas. Akin to slapping themselves, MM Lee Kwan Yew used to view communism as a huge threat back in the 50s. I wonder whether MM Lee approve of such communistic terms being used in HIS party. However, true to the pragmatic nature of the Lee entourage, Singapore actually became one of the first nations to suck up to the Chinese when the Republic of China was formed even though the PAP is against the ideology of Marxism. .

Here we have the new PAP candidates selling themselves and claiming that they understand the ground. Why would they aim to hard sell themselves to show that they are compassionate, empathetic and understand the citizens? Who can verify? Or are all these ‘stories’ created from thin air? To me, all these talk is a show of propaganda and totally pointless. While the older generation might be taken in, I’m not sure whether the new educated young generation will.

Obviously, it displays a sense of insecurity imbued in the party on citizens feeling that the PAP cannot connect. All I get from this article is blatant self-praise. We are choosing leaders here. We want to know the plans to bring about social improvements; rather than solely concentrating on economic growth. We want to hear how can you help the lower income group that is struggling to keep up with the economic progress that is crafted with unfeeling cost and benefit economic policies. We want to hear how does the government plans to keep public housing affordable when medium income is not rising as fast!

Who cares about hearing you said on what you did when there’s no verification? Remember that we are talking about a party that has historically remained unaccountable, vague and ambiguous on important matters such as building cost of HDB flats, size of reserves, performances of Temasek Holdings etc.

Conclusion: Obviously, the PAP party has lost it. They have lost the connection. And it’s showing.

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