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Kenneth Jeyaretnam – Not a good seed. Not honest at all.


Like what I had said earlier, I never have a good impression of the Reform Party, and of the RP secretary general Kenneth Jeyaretnam. It’s the vibes that he gives me. Something sinister, something dishonest and something evil about him. Of course, that’s entirely my own opinion.

Just a while ago, my friend on facebook wrote that K.J had deleted her away from his facebook because she criticized him for being a hypocrite for deleting comments he didn’t want to answer instead of tackling them head on. All the time while he was championing free speech and democracy. Even PAP does not deliberately delete negative comments (or maybe there is just too many to delete?). For those RP supporters and PAP supporters (who can’t wait to discredit an opposition), why not try to befriend K.J., suck up to him so that he is not defensive against your comments, and then start to throw in critical comments and experiment if he will indeed delete them and de-friend you?

As a person who is involved with government works and highly critical of the ruling party, this is my friend’s impartial view of RP.

For notes on how autocratic RP is: Click Here

Conclusion: There is little mystery why so many former RP candidates left the party. I wonder how long it can survive?

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