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Signs of change

You know something is wrong with the PAP government when you start to see high flyers such as Chen Shao Mao, ex-MPs and ex-scholarship holders joining the opposition parties. This paves the path for an exodus of high caliber potential candidates in future elections. And then you see very negative and bias views and comments online in virtually ALL websites related to the PAP government, except for a few fries in the PAP candidates’ facebook account. If the party is doing the right thing, why aren’t there many supporters online that could argue for the party?

Visiting the facebook accounts of the political party candidates makes me cringed. You see tonnes of grumbles and complaints and refutes and then you see some ‘comrades’ in true communist fashion, giving blind support and praise not unlike how officials suck up to their boss in Imperial China. Is that not a sign for the ruling party? In my opinion, there’s still time for the PAP to retract and re-gain respect from the new generation voters. The PAP of yesteryear is lost. It is no longer the same as the one today.

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