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Why is there a need for such a blog?

Like many bloggers, as the new media forms an increasing important role in online content generation, the purpose of writing this blog is to lash out non-partisan criticisms on the public policies and behaviors of the Singapore government. As a Singapore citizen, I see an ever increasing need to provide alternative views to a state controlled media that is partisan, bias and selective in news reporting.

The ruling People’s Action Party or PAP is expected to receive the bulk of criticism due to the following reasons:

  • As the ruler of the country since independent, obviously they are fully responsible for all public policies rolled out to date.
  • Utilizing scheming unfair tactics in preventing fair play for opposition, the PAP deserved to be doubly scrutinized and criticized.
  • By monopolizing the country’s reserves, constituency powers, laws and elite circle, the PAP deserved to be and should be criticized and carefully scrutinized.

That is not to say that other political parties will not be criticized.  However, because the aim of this blog (like so many other similar ones) is to balance the highly bias views of the national media, it will be bias against PAP. This blog, while I tried to be as rational and as logical as I can, is deliberately sensationalized. I made no qualms in admitting that is my writing style. I do not wish for this blog content to be neutralized through word censorship.

Disclaimer: This entire blog forms my own opinion and I do not belong to any political party.

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